“How We Roll”, our very first original song!

One day, in the midst of another moment of shared madness, we were like, “Hey, why not round up our whole army of musicians and craft our own song?” To get this masterpiece, we combed the globe for lyrics and musical arrangements. Our Teatro Verdi turned into a massive recording studio. A labor of a whopping 12 months!

It was like attempting to squeeze an elephant into a matchbox, but guess what? We pulled it off with some serious rockstar power: Nic Cester from Jet, producers Giulio Nenna and Andrea DB Debernardi, and Daniel Plentz from Selton all jumped on board. And to top it all off, we got the collaboration with Black Stone Cherry, turning this whole thing into a wild rock 'n' roll odyssey.

“Just trying to find a direction, we all need to feel some connection”—that's the fresh motto of “How We Roll!”

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How We Roll - Official Music Video

How We Roll - Live Madrid 2023